That’s right. 2017 is here and the dates have led up to the first Friday of 2017 and that means it’s time to debut my big “goals”, “resolutions”, or whatever you want to call them. 

Well here’s the thing. I don’t really do resolutions. That's not me. I like me and I like building a better me, so I understand the practical reasoning behind resolutions but are they useful? Why don’t you do it all year, like little “gut-checks.” Here’s the thing. A lot of the time New Year Resolutions that people make are MASSIVE! Like “save X (*insert large amount of money to that individual*) number of dollars” or “lose 50 pounds this year”. Are they do-able? YES. Are they smart? NO

Here’s where I go off on a little bit of a tyrant: SMART is an important part. Why not smart MUCH smaller… like lose 5 pounds in three weeks. That’s super manageable and actually possible with a plan. Weight is my least favorite goal to talk about because I don’t personally know the complete struggles of other individuals with that as their goal. SMART actually is used by some people as an acronym.

But the thing is, is that that goal could have started weeks, days, or even months ago. But for some reason people make their goals or “resolutions” all at the same time. Weirdly I think this is because they don’t self-reflect and take an evaluation of their self and progress until those faithful last days of the year. 

Which is the absolutely worst thing you could do! 

Imagine This. 

You sit down for a board meeting and the CEO looks around and says, “Oops… it’s 365 days later and it looks like we couldn’t figure out the consumers need, so we developed a product built in a vacuum for ourselves, we didn’t find a target market because nobody cared, and our product flopped. I think this year we should build another product. Please send your checks to me and I’ll see you all again in a year.” 

As weird as this sounds. This isn’t crazy. This is a how a lot of new year resolutions are treated and taken care of. Scary right. 

But let’s take a look back. If you constantly monitored and checked-in with the company. You would have at the very least saw the company wasn’t finding the consumers need and instantly stepped in. Let’s say you even missed that. You could have then saw that the product was being created in a vacuum, for only the makers input and ideas. This would have been a HUGE red flag and would have allowed for a course change or company tweak necessary for success. (Maybe not even success but at the very least a higher chance to succeed.)

Here’s the cool thing this creation of goal, evaluation, and pivot can take part at any time! January 1st, October 10th, August 14th, April 3rd, ANY DAY! It will allow for not only better understanding, but better overall performance, all-year long!

“So Austin I thought this post was about your New Year Resolutions/Goals.?”

Okay… well I’m on my path to my goals and am constantly evaluating my performance. Literally this morning, my roommate probably thought I was crazy because I was talking to myself. I was going over my goals, objectives, and performance so far. I’m happy with most and I’ve corrected some to better align.

I have one overall life motto that goals and processes to it fall under and around. Be Dedicated.

Be Dedicated means a plethora of things but it’s a perfect umbrella for me to push towards. Dedication to my family, my self, my education, my career goals, my companies, and my health. Be Dedicated.

Goals are hard, but nearly always do-able you just have to be dedicated to them. I’m excited to see where 2017 will bring us all. It’ll be fun!


If you read my 2016 New Years Letter you know that one dedication is for me to write more. (Yes I'm STILL cringing about it, but it'll be good for me.) If you want to follow along as I share 2017 and all of the crazy things I will write about sign-up HERE.


PS: I'm sure there are spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in this letter, but mistakes are inevitable and it's how I learn. Thanks for reading!