That's right... Tinder the swipeable, sometimes cringeworthy dating app that revolves around matching people based on ~5 pictures and a handful of other characteristics win the euphoric love holiday that is Valentines Day? Well, let's first take a look at what in the world they did and why they went after Valentines Day.

The Goods...

As the beautiful and rose colored holiday rolled closer and closer on the calendar Tinder had its sight set on it, why? Because beyond the one-night stands and "connecting" with individuals Tinder wanted to add some groundwork in love. I mean a dating app wanting to associate itself with "love"? Crazy, right. So it kicked-off #FundMyVday.

Yep, Tinder was giving away money for people's Valentine's day. But not just any request for money was heard, only those that were asked with Emojis. I mean come on, most Tinder users are Millennials and everyone knows Millennials only really speak in Bitmoji and Emojis. So they launched their campaign around that with these modern-romance videos.




These videos along with promotions across their own app and other apps drove people to a clean little site made specifically for this beautiful Tinder Holiday. That's where the lovable use of Square Cash starts to show its face as it's hosted at and instructions are simple. 👇

Don't worry if you aren't a Millennial and confused by what you need to do, I broke it down.

  1. Think of your perfect Valentines Day in terms of Emoji's
  2. Tweet your Perfect Valentines Date with the Emoji's, the Hashtag #FundMyVday, and tag @Tinder on Twitter.
  3. Be sure to follow @Tinder because they might Direct Message you some money!

Wait... money? YES, CASH! 💸💸

Pretty awesome right? Yea it went quite well and they were fielding tweet's all day.


Some even won cold hard cash to have their awesome V-Day!

All in all, this was a 10/10.

Let's look at the cost of this V-Day promotion... While searching Twitter it looks like they were giving away a TON of money, but let's dive a little closer. In the contest's rules, it states that the max amount of money given out through the #FundMyVday promotion is $10,000, with individual prize amounts ranging from $5- $500. Besides the small chunk change that they may have given out in Tinder Plus promotions, they gave out ~$10,000. While in the meantime received WAY over $10,000 worth of engagement.

A couple things I'd like to throw into this promotion would be potentially adding a video-hangout service like Airtime or Houseparty into the mix for a massive Speed-Dating session, a personified Tinder celebrity live-streaming V-Day wish granting in real life, or possibly a Twitter V-Day game like Halo War's executed in January. Adding one of these add-ons to this promotion would have brought it to an 11/10! But from the digital activation side they rocked it!

With that in mind, I want to send a massive shout out to the entire Tinder team in executing not just an awesome social media activation on Valentines Day but executing one that is perfectly on Brand with what Tinder is. That's not an easy feat, but more and more important.