In this blog, I share a newfound passion of mine, some of my favorite podcasts, and why listening to podcasts have become a staple in my daily routine.

Yep, you heard that right. Podcasts, those things that are over 23 years old and was first known as “audio blogging” are taking over my phone and time. The podcasting we see today really came around in the recent years while being spearheaded with the invention of the iPod in 2004!

This wild world of podcasting didn’t become a main staple in my life until about a year ago. That’s when I remembered I had the native apple podcasting app on my phone and heard about this crazy show called StartUps. This documentary-style podcast brought you into the world of developing a podcasting company. Talk about Meta. Then came ReplyAll from Gimlet Media, the “show about the internet,” and its ever-changing culture. So, you could stay my current passion and love for podcasting started with Gimlet. Great job guys!

Why did I start listening to podcasts? Podcasts have been something that I’ve heard, “you should listen to podcasts, they’ll make you smarter!” Ehh… yes, maybe. But truthfully I started listening to podcasts because I was passionate about startups and products (which I still am today). I also walk and have a healthy amount of transportation time. Transportation time was previously used for listening to Spotify and browsing news articles. Now it’s opening the newest podcast from my long list of subscriptions and browsing new articles. One thing changed, but that one thing was massive. As I mentioned I have a long list of podcast subscriptions, these didn’t just appear overnight it took time to find the ones I honestly love. 

Today’s Podcasts

So, let’s look at those. Today the podcasts that keep pulling me back have a deep influence in my passions and a fun and creative storyline to listen too. Both of those two criteria must be met for me to be a constant listener. I’m proud to say these are ones that pass the test!

This Week in Startups

This podcast provides a great look into the world of startups with an emphasis on technology. Jason Calacanis (jason) asks pointed questions and digs deep into a lot of the backend of startups and brings to light viewpoints that you don’t get in nearly any other podcast. (PS: They also have an awesome video version, which is an awesome bonus!)

How I Built This

Take a dive into the world of companies like Honest Tea, Zappos, Virgin, Warby Parker, and so many other stellar businesses w/ Guy Raz (Guy Raz). He allows the guest to explore and tell the story how they see fit while bouncing deeper into each storyline with insightful questions. Also, shoutout to TED Radio Hour from NPR (also amazing).

HBR IdeaCast

HBR brings its amazing journalistic abilities to audio and provides interesting concepts while staying true to what HBR is.


Inside Intercom

The conversations Intercom sparks with Inside Intercom are always intriguing! I’m a huge fan of company driven podcasts and this one takes the cake among innovative conversations and new product ideas. Great job Intercom!

DTR by Gimlet Creative

Following my love of company driven I have thoroughly enjoyed DTR from Tinder and Gimlet Creative. Watch out though it has ended, but I would still recommend listening to learn how this brand attacked podcasting!

My love behind podcasts has been nothing short of a passion project to be constantly learning from as many sources as possible. Podcasts is just another way to spark new ideas and think from a different angle. 

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” — Socrates

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- Austin