Well I locked myself in a coffee shop… and I didn’t even get coffee, all for the sake of finishing this piece.
It should be noted this was written in one of those crazy hipster coffee shops, you know the ones that don’t have wifi. So spelling and other errors… are probably throughout. If that bothers you… let me know. But this article isn’t about fixing to perfection or making something perfectly unrealistic. This article is all about being real and loving real.

It’s the first day of what will soon become my last week of college. It’s one of those crazy surreal feelings. Like in one month I’ll be located somewhere different working full-time. Weird right. But let’s stop wasting time and jump in. Here are some learnings to not just help you “survive” college, but loving your life and thrive while in college.

Be open for surprises.

A surprise pop-up waffle shop (PS: The Best suprises are waffles) 🍴

Be open for surprises, for real. Be ready to meet thousands of new people and be ready to welcome thousands more after you. You have this amazing opportunity to engage and connect with hundreds of people just like you. This time in your life is so valuable. Remember that stupid laundry room that everybody has to share, you will make the most amazing friends in there. That girl freshman year you never had the courage to take out on a real date, she’ll loop back around with you when you least expect it. The Applied Calculus teacher you absolutely loath, he’ll become your friend and will genuinely ask how you are ever time you run across him on main campus. 

The core nature of college allows for surprises to happen at every turn, and that’s okay. Roll with them because you never know what could come from any one instance down the road.

Time is so Valuable.

Time is so valuable, so precious, and truly the only currency in the world that actually matters. Allow yourself to spend time with individuals that make you mad, sad, happy, excited, nervous, crazy, and of course, spend time by yourself. Understand that time is limited you have 24 hours in a day and realistically you might sleep for 8 of them, so that leaves you with 16, if you are lucky. 

Share your time with people that you care about. 

Your roommate that may have gone a little crazy, you friend that doesn’t seem to leave the campus gym… (because gains man… gains), the quiet one across the classroom, the football player that has the heart of gold but can not wrap his head around algebra. Spend time with all these people and more. Each one will give you a light into a whole new world you previously had never even thought about.

Life is what you make of it.

Never has this been more clear than in college. I had the opportunity to explore and try many different things that to this day make me who I am today. I have had the opportunities of a lifetime. I’ve gotten to work with celebrities from around the world, launch and build a social media startup, execute massive events, pitch strategy for massive brands, connect millions of workers around the world, and that’s just some of the opportunities I’ve been privileged to experience because i was interested in it and made reached out to learn more. All because I wanted to see what it was like. 

Explore, learn, fail, and grow. 

It’s been a ton of fun and I know it will continue. And you have no idea how excited I am for the future.

Grades will always be a thing, but grades aren’t the only thing.

Don’t completely live your college in these… ☝️

What would a college blog post be without a mention of the things we work so hard for everyday, grades. Grades matter, but the experiences and relationships skills you make are 40–50 times more important. 

I’ve had the pleasure of going through an extremely wide variety of interview processes. One thing I can promise you is grades may get you the interview, but everything past that is up to your experiences and relationship skills. So if you are focusing on grades as the end-all be-all of your college career. I promise, pass the classes and you’ll continue to be okay.

Allow yourself to be flexible.

Don’t worry if you break up with your high school girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s okay. Don’t be upset because you put 3 years of your life into a relationship that you aren’t happy in anymore. Understand that you are who you are and that’s the only thing that matters. Give yourself the flexibility to learn and grow. If your not happy break the mold and be happy. Don’t make crazy idealistic expectations for yourself because when one little thing goes wrong, you have to shift your viewpoint and opinion anyways. Let yourself grow and learn. Break-up with your significant other if you feel disheartened. 

Find yourself, build your confidence on your own solid rocks and learn to truly love yourself. 

Everybody has a perfect age they’d love to be engaged, married, etc. at, but don’t worry about that. Adding those silly constraints to yourself doesn’t do you any good. It boxes yourself into a hole and makes you accept things that you should never have to even live with just to make it to your perfect age to get married with a partner that you might not even be happy with but in your mind you felt that you had graduate in 4 years (3 if you are lucky), while dating for 3 years, marry in year 4 and have the perfect career and kid in year 6.

"Don’t do that to yourself. Allow yourself to be flexible."

You don’t know what’s in the future and setting arbitrary dates and deadlines only limit your potential happiness. You can stress yourself out about your relationship, your family, your grades, your anything. But just let life be life. Love the people that are in your life and cherish every moment you have with whoever walks in and out of it.

I can’t stress this enough. 

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."

Don’t worry about your plans, have a guesstimate of where you want to go and love the life you live. It will all work out. Thanks for reading! Love it? Share with a friend or loved one. Felt it could be improved? Awesome, let me know how HERE. I'm always looking to improve. 

— Austin