Yikes, that summer flew by. It must mean your first semester of college is here! Welcome Freshman. I have some apps to help you survive your first semester at college get ready to save money, sleep more, and actually wake up for that 8 am Mid-term.

1. Google Calendar

Courtesy of  Google

Courtesy of Google

iOS - Google Play

This beauty is a necessity to make sure you keep track of classes, parties, celebrations, and of course football games. Believe me, you’ll want this app when you realize you double-scheduled your best friends birthday lunch with your 12:00 Exam. Don’t leave your friend in the cold, download Google Calendar.

2. Todoist

Courtesy of  Todoist

Courtesy of Todoist

iOS - Google Play

The holy grail of to-do lists. This little guy packs a punch by helping you remember all of those pesky deadlines as well as syncs with Google Calendar to keep you on top of everything. Take our your syllabus the first week of class and put everything into Todoist. A+ for Organization

3. Venmo

Courtesy of  Venmo

Courtesy of Venmo

iOS - Google Play

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of actually being paid back by your friends that never seem to have their wallet on them. Or if you are reading this and that’s you, watch out. This app allows you to send and receive money to anyone instantly and securely. From paying rent to buying groceries, Venmo is here to save your wallet.

4. Evernote

Courtesy of  Evernote

Courtesy of Evernote

iOS - Google Play

Do you keep notes? Well if you don’t you better start. You might want to remember that thing your teacher said literally two minutes ago that you definitely can’t remember anymore. Yeah, my memory can suck too sometimes. Use Evernote and control the notes mess.

5. Scannable

Courtesy of  Scannable

Courtesy of Scannable

iOS - Google Play

This is actually one of my favorite apps of all times. This app is made by Evernote and allows you to scan anything, paper, notes, receipts, or anything else you can think of and allows you to email it, text it, or even save to your Evernote.

6. Google Docs

Courtesy of  Google

Courtesy of Google

iOS - Google Play

This beautiful online version of Word is a necessity when it comes to making sure that the 20-page paper that’s due in 10 minutes has a concluding paragraph.

7. Sleep Cycle

Courtesy of  Sleep Cycle

Courtesy of Sleep Cycle

iOS - Google Play

Get some sleep and ensure you wake up in time for your final with Sleep Cycle the sleep tracking alarm. I’m not huge on the sleep tracking features it provides but it’s a great alarm that has sleep tracking, win win.

8. Spotify

Courtesy of  Techcrunch

Courtesy of Techcrunch

iOS - Google Play

Keep your vibes from the night before going or put on your favorite coffeehouse playlist and prepare for the day ahead. They have a great student discount (4.99/month) that I’d highly recommend.

9. Messenger

Courtesy of  Messenger

Courtesy of Messenger

iOS - Google Play

The brute force messaging platform from Facebook is a fail-safe platform to message, create groups, and ensure you can contact anyone you need without the hassle of giving every person on campus your cell phone number...

10. Flipboard

Courtesy of  Android Authority

Courtesy of Android Authority

iOS - Google Play

Flipboard is a mainstay on my phone as it gives me great news and stories that I actually care about in a fun flip-able format. Take it for a spin, if you are a journalism lover you can even create your own board magazine to share your favorite pieces.

These apps aren’t full-proof and your first semester will throw some curveballs at you but if you have these on your phone you can definitely rock freshman year. Let me know if I’m missing one of your favorites by sending me an Email or shouting at me on Twitter.