Surprise! No, don’t worry I’m not dead. I didn’t fall off the face of the earth and I certainly didn’t quite writing. But I wanted to just check in and give you an update on my life. Think of it like a quarterly report…

As a wise family member reminded me that I mentioned I would be writing more in my last post. Yes, this is true. I did promise to write more. While my writing isn’t being put here I promise I am writing a lot… way more than I ever thought I would. So have no fear I’m not becoming illiterate. Though my spelling and punctuation errors in this blog post may have you wonder. 

A lot of the writing I have been doing is personal writing and journaling. While one day I’ll have the ambition to put it out here on my blog, for now it’ll just stay as handwritten notes in my favorite journal. 

Okay Austin… you said this was an update, what’s going on?

You’re right. I’m here to update you that I’m doing amazing. Recently I had to battle a little illness that took me down for a little while, but as always, it’s okay. I had my wonderful family and friends to support me and that made all the difference. 

I won’t lie the illness took my for a spin… By that I mean it spun me right to the ground and didn’t want to let me go for awhile. It challenged me in ways I haven’t been challenged before and reminded me how truly precious and stunning life is. It gave me a renewed perspective for how caring the people in my life are, how fast time flies, and pushed me to remember to slow down and enjoy the life around me and what’s happening right now. 

This same family member that reminded me about blogging also gave my girlfriend and I a couple pointers that I thought would me great to share. 

Life Skills.

That’s right, life skills. What in life are you skillful in? And what in life are your goals? Are they big? Are they little? Are they easily accomplished? Or a life-long pursuit? 

Do you have the answer? No… THAT’S OKAY! Do you have an idea? Hopefully, but if not, that’s okay. 

My entire high school through today I’ve working on crafting these answers. Almost to a T, and have dedicated hours and hours to passionately executing and optimizing my goals to ensure optimal success. Have I perfected them? No.
Have I accepted and understood them? Yea, for the most part!

But that made me think… has my goals changed? Has my pursuits changed?


What does that mean? I’m not the tech loving, marketing and ad driven man I was a year ago? No. I’m definitely all of that still. But I’m more and that “more” is still being shaped and that’s super exciting to me. 

I don’t know what that “more” is, but I have a strong idea and passion for what it is. And I’ll share that with you one day. But just know I’m already working on what that “more” is and will always be. 

If this blog post taught you nothing. That’s sad, but okay! Just take away this one thing, enjoy the loved ones around you and slow down. Believe me it’s okay to delegate and say no. (These words of advice I too need to listen too more often.)

Well I just heard my gate number get called, talk to you all again soon! Maybe even before next quarter, but don’t count on it!


Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.
— Eddie Cantor

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