As I round the corner to being in San Francisco for two weeks it struck me that I haven’t shared any of my thoughts and experiences. So here they are.

So let’s start with the first question I have been asked consistently, “Are you safe?” Yes, family, loved ones, and all others that are reading this. I am SUPER safe, I have made some amazing friends, great acquaintances, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll send you a picture of me hanging with my Apartment’s Security Guard. (He’s a great guy) Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with some pictures from this past couple weeks. 

First off, the crew. 

Sup Crew! 👋

These people you see are the individuals I get to spend every weekday with. That’s my division of Beekeeper (Excluding a few that don’t work in San Francisco). That beautiful masterpiece of a picture was taken during a team outing last week. While the team may be small, what each member does and the team as a whole is truly amazing. I have never seen a group of individuals so dedicated and motivated towards an amazing goal. 

For reference, I also get the pleasure to work with a small team based out of Switzerland as for many of my different projects. Learning the in’s and out’s and working with this team has been amazing and I can’t believe I get the pleasure of doing it every week. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I truly love what I’m doing. 

Secondly, the city.

The city, oh San Francisco, I have had only two weeks so far to explore you and haven’t even made a dent in it. 

One day when I wrapped up some work I went for a walk and explored Coit Tower. Coit Tower is a beautiful 210-foot tower on Telegram hill, built in 1929. The views from this tower were truly amazing to see. I made my trek in the evening and the fog (which is named Karl) was just starting to roll in. 

Fog is a constant, from what I’ve learned. It always comes in the afternoon and it’s actually awesome to watch roll over the hills and down around the streets and homes. I plan on visiting a friends rooftop patio and watch it again sometime soon. OH YEA! I had the pleasure of meeting some great people with some great apartments. (Mine also is pretty awesome and that’s where I’m writing this from right now)

I have a Monthly Clipper Pass which allows me to travel on any and all public transit vehicles. If you know me, you know I actually love public transit. I’m a big fan of it. Don’t worry I also like Uber, Lyft, and all that jazz, but I love subways, trolleys, buses, rail cars, things like that. 

Oh, the experiences.

Let’s see what have I did so far. I’ve played basketball toss in Twitter’s HQ, attending multiple networking events (in all kinds of places), visited so many food trucks, ate a delicious pizza, ate a huge burger (and since have had a ton of healthy food), drank some amazing coffee, drank some bad coffee, made my first latte, attempted my first “latte art” (and failed), had a grill-out at my apartment with over 50 other tech interns, visited a cultural music and art street fair in Oakland, rode a trolly through SF, visited North Beach, hot tubbed, enjoyed numerous nights on the patio with the fire blazing at my feet, watched my first episode of Game of Thrones (still not sure what in the world is going on, but that’s okay), taken a few good pictures (most times I forget my real camera), helped tourists figure out the rail system, done truly rewarding work, played with a ton of dogs (my apartment is pet friendly), made amazing friends, … and undebatably so many more things. 

But the gist of this post, is that I’m 1) Happy 2) Healthy 3) Safe 4) Loving life 5) Doing rewarding work 6) Meeting amazing people 7) Thankful for this opportunity

I promise I will do my hardest to post again real soon. As stated in my previous post, below are some of the best ways to follow my experiences. 

PS: I think I answered most questions in this post, but if you have a burning question about something, just shoot me a message HERE(Don't be offended if it takes greater than a day for me to respond, my schedule is jam-packed currently.)

Talk again real soon! 👋