Well, I just grabbed my coffee and I’m prepping for the flight. As you may or may not know, I’m spending the summer interning with an amazing company in a beautiful city (I’ll tell you who and where later in this post). Yes, I’m excited, hungry, and ready to push myself farther into the world. 

First off let’s knock some things out. 

Place: San Francisco

Company: Beekeeper.io

Position: Marketing Intern

Timeframe: Summer

There, now that we got the logistics out of the way let’s get to some meat. As I wrap up my summer class, and a couple loose ends in Fergus and Fargo for the summer I remember to look at my calendar. Yep, it’s full and I’m excited about it. 

I am just coming off a busy weekend full of work, class, and spending amazing time with my family and friends. I had the privilege to play catch, monkey-in-the-middle, and even run through some bubbles with the little ones I call my extended family. 12 hours ago I was having supper with some close family and celebrating Fathers day with my amazing dad. Now, I’ve made it to the airport, hot coffee in hand (actually so hot I can’t drink it yet) and am prepping for my flight to San Francisco. 

I want to thank everybody that has turned me into who I am today. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all. I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me. 

Sharing this experience with my friends, family and all else who want to tag along is something I will work hard to do. During my time, I will try to share as much of my experience as I can with you all. Below are some ways you can find things!

Blog: www.AustinSandmeyer.com/blog

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/as_austin_

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/as_austin

Snapchat: As_Austin

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Austin.Sandmeyer

All Aboard! ✈️

Talk again real soon! 👋