Weev. Inc.

Can you imagine a social app that allows you to have face to face conversations with individuals, stripping clean the negativity and rolling that comes with average "Social Network." If you can't, well we have! Welcome to Weev. 

Weev is social video that talks back. Ask a question, make a statement, or start an idea by taking a quick video. Your friends can reply with their own quick videos, that are stitched together to build the conversation, tell a story, and create something amazing together!

When you say you have a position with a start-up, this is exactly the definition of being a swiss-army knife.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Develop business management programs to streamline communication
  • Assist Social Media Coordinator with assets
  • Coordinate and Enhance Sprint releases
  • In-App Community Management 
  • Out-App Community Management
  • Email Marketing
  • App Management
  • Press Release Creation
  • Apple App Store Communication
  • Emerging Social Media development
  • Office Management

Business/Product Marketing Associate Responsibilities:

  • Spearhead Beta Development and External Testing Program.
  • Develop business relationships with external partners
  • Report to CEO with advanced metrics regarding social media progress
  • Ensure product sprints are on-time and managed
  • Manage partnerships with outside technology to integrate
  • Consult with Chief Designer regarding branding and product timetables.
  • Community Management